Glen Hansard at First Avenue

It wasn’t that long ago that I rarely went to concerts.  I’m not a big fan of crowds so I avoided shows at clubs, and the shows at theaters or arenas are always too expensive.  Plus, a lot of the music I listen to is by people who are dead…so there’s that.

Some of my new friends are music buffs and have introduced me to a lot of great new sounds, mostly local but not entirely.  In the six months I’ve known them, I’ve been to eight concerts*.  We have tickets to two more in the near future.  Some were free shows at the fair or in the parks but I still likely wouldn’t have gone before.  There is so much great music, at so many cool venues, and much of it is surprisingly affordable (or free!).

Tonight’s show wasn’t local, and cost a little more than we usually spend, but it was worth every penny.  Glen Hansard is one of those artists I loved before I knew who he was.  I’d heard the song “Falling Slowly” on the playlist at work and was enchanted by the simple but stunning melody.  Then I heard it performed at the Tony Awards when the Broadway version of Once was nominated.  It clicked in my head that I’d seen the DVD of Once on my friend’s cabinet and the pieces all fell into place.

I’ve now seen the movie, purchased the soundtrack and his solo album, and tonight I saw him live.  The passion he has for his music emanates from every single note.  And I am quickly remembering why I love music and the way it makes me feel.

*I should be asleep, instead I went crazy hunting down the shows I’ve been to this summer!
6/27 Cedar Cultural Center – Local Current Live with The Chalice, Van Stee, Chastity Brown
7/21 First AveJeremy Messersmith
7/21 7th Street EntryBailiff
8/17 Lake Harriet BandshellHeiruspecs
8/28 Minnesota State FairJD McPherson
8/31 Cabooze Actual Wolf & Communist Daughter
9/1 Harriet BrewingCactus Blossoms
9/29 First AveThe Lost Brothers & Glen Hansard

Next up:
10/3 First AveAmanda Palmer
11/16 Turf ClubField Report


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