I am thankful for…light rail

I’ll be honest, I haven’t ridden light rail a whole lot.  But when I have, it’s been clean and efficient.  When I worked downtown and had an underground garage where I could leave my car for free, it was great to wheel my suitcase to the station and head out to the airport.  Felt a bit like travelling abroad, without leaving home!  (Well, I was leaving home, but it felt like the adventure started a bit sooner!)

When I had jury duty and my husband worked in Bloomington, most days he was able to drop me off and pick me up.  But there was one day he was working a bit late so I took the light rail from the city center to the Mall of America and did some needed shopping before he met me for dinner and we headed home, well after rush hour.

Now, part of why I like light rail is just the promise it holds.  What we have now is a good start but we need more “off road” mass transit.  One of my favorite things about traveling in Europe is the transit.  I can fly into Gatwick, just outside London, and then take a train into the city, hop a tube to a different transit center, and then get on a train to Birmingham, where my husband is from.  It’s about 3-4 hours of transit but it gets me the 125 miles I need to go efficiently and inexpensively.  It’s certainly cheaper than having family drive round trip to pick me up!

If we had a way to connect to the main system from the North West burbs, I would happily work the light rail into my life.  And hopefully, that is coming soon!


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