I am thankful for…road construction!

Now, before you think I’m crazy, just hear me out.  Also, I might be a little crazy as I am on day 8 of a migraine and am slightly drugged right now.  (Legally drugged!)

Road construction sucks.  I won’t deny that it gets in the way, makes commutes take longer, and seems to go one FOREVER.  But here’s what I’m thankful for – I’m thankful that someone out there is trying to improve our road structure, be it the surface or the flow of traffic.  Cities are living things.  They expand and contract, rise and fall.  With life comes change, and since we can, at best, make educated guesses about where our city will be in 10/20/50 years, that change brings constant improvement.

So the next time you feel like cursing out the orange cones on your road, think instead of what it means in the long term.  A dynamic, improving, and better city for you and everyone else.


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