I am thankful for…winter

I love winter.  I hate it too, at times.  The shoveling, the slow commutes, sliding down the ice path that my sidewalk becomes…not fun.  But overall, I quite enjoy winter in the cities
Minnesotans know how to have fun in the winter.  It’s when we break out the ice skates, skis, and snowboards.  We go sledding, tubing, and we play broomball.  And then we warm up with cocoa (or whiskey).  Okay, okay, so I’m painting a rather Norman Rockwell-esque picture of winter.  It’s not ALWAYS like that.  Some days we ache for a bit of sunshine and when it finally comes, we’re once again fooled into believing that sunshine equals warmth.  In fact, the clear sunny days are often the coldest.  What a cruel trick of nature!
But overall, our home is a beautiful place in winter.  If you don’t believe me, just wander around Lake of the Isles on a nice winter evening.  It’s lovely.  When the trees are all frosted in white and icicles hang from eaves, our homes look like those perfect little Department 56 houses that people collect.
Personally, I also love winter because winter is cozy.  Winter is the time for sweaters and warm drinks and snuggling with loved ones.  When it’s 95 and 100% humidity in July, don’t even think about snuggling.  Unless you’re made of ice, then I might snuggle with you.  But when the house won’t get warmer than 65 and the wind is whistling?  Snuggling was made for nights like that.
You know how Nicollet Mall is only open to buses, taxis, and emergency vehicles?  Did you know that one night a year, that’s not true?  From 6-10pm on Thanksgiving, Nicollet Mall opens to cars.  My family often bundled into the car and drove downtown to slowly cruise down the mall, checking out all the holiday decorations and the made-over shop windows.  Back in those days they were Dayton’s windows, then Marshall Field’s, and now Macy’s.  Driving along, oohing and aahing over the dressed up streets and windows was a highlight of the holidays.  
Come February, when I haven’t felt my toes for weeks, I might complain a bit.  But overall I love winter.  So bring it on Mother Nature…bring it on.

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