Republic – Calhoun Square

My love for Republic is no secret. It’s a great place. Now it’s twice as nice with a second location!

We weren’t planning on having brunch, but it was there and we were hungry.  Thank goodness too as these were BIG portions!

Rich had the fried egg sandwich.  The garlic potatoes it came with were like little roasted balls of crack.

I had the french toast.  I can’t usually finish a large portion of french toast but this?  I polished it off like a pro.  Often when I order a sweet breakfast, I like to get a side of bacon or sausage, to balance the flavors.  So I ordered the side of sausage.  For $3, I expected a decent sized link or two.  THERE WERE FOUR!  And not those wrinkly little things you get at Perkins, no, these were fat and juicy.

Seriously, if you haven’t been to Republic yet, just do it.  Now.  Drop what you’re doing and go.


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