I am thankful for…local music

Actual Wolf performs at Harriet Brewing



In September I posted about attending the Glen Hansard show at First Avenue.  No, Glen isn’t local…but that concert was kind of when I woke up to my new found appreciate for both local music and local music venues.  When I did that post, I put together a list of shows I’d been to or had on my docket…let me update it here:



6/27 Cedar Cultural Center – Local Current Live with The ChaliceVan SteeChastity Brown

7/21 First Ave – Jeremy Messersmith

7/21 7th Street Entry – Bailiff

8/17 Lake Harriet Bandshell – Heiruspecs

8/28 Minnesota State Fair – JD McPherson

8/31 Cabooze – Actual Wolf & Communist Daughter

9/1 Harriet Brewing – Cactus Blossoms

9/29 First Ave – The Lost Brothers & Glen Hansard

10/3 First Ave – Amanda Palmer

11/2 Fitzgerald Theater – Dave Foley & Mike Doughty (Wits)

11/9 Harriet Brewing – Actual Wolf


Next up:

11/16 Turf Club – Field Report

11/24 Cedar Cultural Center – Rogue Valley

12/4 Jeremy Messersmith Supperclub Tour

12/14 Fitzgerald Theater – Henry Rollins and Lissie (Wits)


Looking at that list is nothing short of awe inspiring to me.  That’s easily more concerts than I attended in the last eight years!


The Twin Cities have an amazing music scene.  This post won’t even scratch the surface of what’s around here, as I’m still learning it myself!  I’ve been very lucky to have good friends who keep up with the local music scene and it’s through them that I’ve found out about most of these shows.  Let me tell you…when I was able to find out about the upcoming Rogue Valley show BEFORE them, I was ecstatic!  Finally, I got to invite them to something, instead of the other way around. 🙂


Some of you might be saying “But I can’t afford to go to concerts” and I get it, I really do.  But the amount of free or cheap live music available is amazing.  The Lake Harriet shows might be on hold, but Harriet Brewing has live music several nights a week.  Obviously, they prefer that you buy a beer while you’re there but even so…you’re talking about $4-5 for a delicious beer at the brewery PLUS live music.  It’s a bargain at twice the price!  I’m not as hip to the bar scene as I’d like to be, but at least two local artists I know of are performing at the Turf Club in St. Paul every week.  It’s a $5 cover and again, live music!  (Check the calendar over on your right for more deets.)


We are surrounded by music.  We have great radio stations, we have every style of music from folk to hip hop, and new artists are popping up every day.  Get out there, listen, and fall in love.


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