Local Shopping for the Holidays

I could try to tell you WHY it’s important to shop locally, but you probably already know. Plus, these folks explain it so much better!
Instead, I’m going to share links to a few of the places I’ve shopped at this holiday season. Yes, I’ve done some internet shopping too, but most of my gifts are from local businesses – and that makes me happy!

Obviously, I can’t tell you WHAT I bought at each store…as the recipients haven’t yet opened their gifts. 🙂

Askov Finlayson – Minneapolis – This is a really cool new store that is part of the Marvel Bar and The Bachelor Farmer “complex.” Which leads me to my one caution…when shopping at Askov Finlayson it’s VERY important to budget for the drink (or three) you will end up having at Marvel Bar. It’s a steep tax but worth every penny.

Iverson’s Scandinavian Imports – St. Louis Park – In the interest of full disclosure, I am related to the owners so have been going to this store since before I could walk. But familial bias aside, they have a fabulous selection of Scandinavian gifts ranging from candy to Norwegian sweaters. Their jewelry collections are especially drool-worthy.

South Lyndale Liquors – Minneapolis – We have a lot of great liquor stores in the MSP area, many of which are much more convenient to me. But I seem to find myself at SLL at least once a month because invariably they have something I can’t find anything else. They also have a great website with online shopping so I can frequently check their stock before I make the drive. Also, sampling!

Four Firkins – St. Louis Park – Continuing the booze theme, The Four Firkins is truly “beer heaven.” Have questions? They have answers. Need something rare? It’s probably there. Plus they have a great sense of fun and do a lot of great educational and sampling events.

bibelot – Multiple Locations – This shop is kind of my go-to for tough shopping. They have everything from goofy to inspirational with a lot of sweet and luxurious thrown in. An amazing selection of ornaments and local wares. It’s hard NOT to find something someone will love.

So those are a few of my favorites, where do YOU like to shop?


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