Steel Toe Lunker Release

Steel Toe Brewing in St. Louis Park has a big release tomorrow. Their “Lunker” is a Barleywine style beer aged in Templeton Rye barrels. This sounds like a deadly and delicious combination! (Barleywines are usually pretty high “octane.”)

I haven’t been over to Steel Toe for almost a year now and I’m anxious to see how things are going as they get ready to be the first taproom in Saint Louis Park. This is especially exciting for me as it’s less than a mile from my childhood home. Trips to visit Mom just got a lot more interesting! (As if you needed any other incentive, Steel Toe is also just a few blocks from The Four Firkins. Seriously, it’s a little beer heaven! 

Steel Toe Lunker Announcement

This Saturday December 29th at 10am we will release the 2nd batch of Lunker. For those of you who did not get the chance to sample Batch 1, this brew is an English-style barleywine that was aged in Templeton Rye Whisky barrels. It is great to drink right away or amazing to let age for a year or 2 (or at least until you can’t handle waiting any longer to open it up).
~1500 bottles available
$20/bottle (includes tax)
750ml bottles corked and caged
4 bottles/person limit
Available only at the brewery
Brewery will be open 10am – 2pm on Sat. Any bottles left over after Sat will be available at the brewery during our regular Growler hours the next week. We will post quantities left (if there are any left) on Sat afternoon in case you are not able to make it out that day to pick up a bottle or two.
See you Sat!

 —- Random add-on regarding Templeton Rye. 

I first heard about Templeton Rye from my friend Chris. Apparently it was a good for the price, hard to find, Rye Whiskey. Every so often a bottle would pop up in Iowa and someone would get very excited. It was once spotted behind a local bar, before it was being distributed. The myth behind it was pretty astounding. 

Then, sometime last spring/summer, I was at France 44 and there was a hand written note on the counter mentioning 17 cases of Templeton in the basement. I asked the clerk and he didn’t know anything about it. Within days, posts on a local boozy Facebook group started spotting the bottles around town. Apparently Templeton is now pretty widely distributed in Minnesota but let me tell you, the buzz that first week was out of control!

I’ve yet to try it, because there are other Rye Whiskeys that are less expensive and do the same trick. But I still chuckle a little every time I see a bottle. The once elusive Templeton has lost its mystique…but not its myth.


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