Northeast Nightlife

I’ve always been a fan of Northeast Minneapolis, and it just keeps getting better.
Working hard behind the packed bar.

 Tonight was the super secret soft opening of Dangerous Man Brewing. It was apparently a poorly kept secret as the place was packed. And with good reason! This was my first chance to try their beer as when we visited a few weeks ago it wasn’t quite ready. They had four beers on tap – an IPA, Belgian Golden Strong, Cream Ale, and Chocolate Milk Stout. We tried the latter two. I’m incredibly grateful to them for offering 10oz pours as Rich was driving and I had already had a beer before impulsively saying “let’s go check out the new taproom!”

Cream Ale, Chocolate Milk Stout, Beard.

 The Chocolate Milk Stout smelled like a Cadbury dairy milk bar and had a rich chocolate flavor. I’m not sure I could drink a ton of it, but it was delicious. The Cream Ale was smooth and easy drinking. I think a growler of that will be coming home with us next time we visit. They also had several interesting soda options and while I don’t go to taprooms to drink soda, I am almost as big a fan of the craft soda resurgence as I am of craft beer.

Yes please.

Dangerous Man was packed so we enjoyed our beer, said hi to the other beer geeks we knew, and then headed out. On the way home I noticed a tweet from New Bohemia which pointed out they still had their specialty Goose Island offerings on tap. If we lived in a movie, there would have been squealing tires as we did a u-turn. But instead we simply went around the block.

A rainy night on Hennepin.

 Bourbon County Stout is worth a u-turn. Seriously, drink this beer if ever you get the chance. Though at 15%, don’t drink too much of it. Sitting at one of the window seats, looking out over Northeast with a view of several of my Dad’s real estate projects, felt like the perfect way to end the week and this holiday season. Or maybe that’s just the beer(s) talking. I don’t mind either way.

The new and blue Lowry Bridge.

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