Rock The Garden 2013

Minneapolis stands watch over thousands of concert-goers.

I’d never been to Rock the Garden before, and this year’s was a last minute invitation. It was a fun, hot, wet, muddy day. I didn’t know the musical acts very well but loved the energy of Dan Deacon and Bob Mould. Low, well, I have heard and liked their music on The Current but question their decision to do a 25 minute set of just random droning, then make it a political statement by ending with “Drone, not drones!” They were on stage after a boisterous last minute garage party by Dan Deacon, and they were on stage when the sun finally came out. The crowd wanted energy.

As a newbie to music fests, I felt like it was well set up, with food and beverages both on the street and at the top of the hill. Having accessible port-a-potties was great, having them at the top of the hill? Not so great. Witnessed a mosh pit a few feet away, that was a first. John Denver concerts aren’t known for their mosh pits.

Most of all, the venue at the Walker just made for a perfect skyline backdrop to the whole concert. I may live and love in St. Paul these days, but Minneapolis is still home.

Dan Deacon made the last minute decision to perform in the garage instead of the rain. Instant dance party.

Deacon ended his performance by getting the audience to create a human tunnel, back to the outside world.
The setting sun reflects off the metallic surface of the Walker.
This forest of bikes had a strangely magical glow and sort of felt like a piece of art from the sculpture garden.

I wish I’d had a better camera with me.


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