Pig Ate My Pizza

This restaurant opened in the former Travail space shortly after I moved away from Robbinsdale. While I love living in St. Paul, the idea that I could have been just blocks away from a pizza place run by Travail chefs?? Yeah, that was a hard thing to leave!

So when a friend and I needed lunch after picking up things at the old house, it was a no brainer. The staff is still friendly and engaging. The pizza is delicious. And I got the feeling that they are still taking a few risks ala Travail – this isn’t your standard pizza place.

My friend happened to have the perfect embroidery project with her.
These were the “Hog Tots.” Pureed potato with bits of ham shank, then breaded and fried. Oh. So. Good.
The Piggy Pie. If I recall correctly it was bacon, pepperoni, pork belly, and pulled pork. The crust was thick and chewy, I could have eaten that by itself. It was served with housemade ranch and rosemary ketchup.

Receipt typo caused much laughing. We’re immature.

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