Cloud Cult – Fitzgerald Theater – April 6, 2014

The first weekend in April, 2014, Cloud Cult did their first show at the Fitzgerald Theater. It was a unique show in that the first half was acoustic and the second half was way more rock. We arrived early and were the first people in line which got us seats front and center for the acoustic performance – it was amazing! Sadly my camera failed me so I don’t have a photo but my seat was directly in front of Craig Minowa as he sat and sang.
It’s hard to find words that explain how and why I love Cloud Cult. The entire band is incredibly expressive when they perform and I love seeing them continue to connect with the music they’ve played night after night. Their songs have an emotional depth to them without ever being morose. It’s like an exacto blade to the soul, in the best way possible.
Craig Minowa rocks at The Fitz
Shannan Frid on violin. Connie Minowa joins her husband at the mic. (She is one of two painters always on stage with the band.)
Connie’s painting. The artists started with black and white for the acoustic set and then added the color during the second half, it was a lovely way to match the music.


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