100 Posts!

Apparently I’ve made 100 posts!

Sadly, this is a total failure. See, I originally thought I’d start this blog and at the very least post one photo or link per day. It might not be beautiful or interesting, but it would be a tiny capture of something in the MSP.

My first post was 12/29/10. Then I jumped to 9/19/12. I don’t have a good excuse for all the lapses, except laziness and feeling like I couldn’t find anything interesting enough to post.

I may never manage 365 days in a row, but spring is here and hopefully that means I’ll be out and about a bit more. So here’s me, daring myself. 100 days from now is July 18th, 2014. I challenge myself to be posting “200 Posts!!” within a week or two of that date, instead of four years from now!!


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