11 Wells

Why yes, I did go to yet another local distillery. I mean seriously, this craft distilling boom is AMAZING!
11 Wells just opened their doors in the old Hamms Brewery, in spitting distance of Flat Earth Brewing. So far they’ve got a white whiskey on the shelves of lucky local liquor stores with plans for gin, rum, and whiskey (the latter being a long and slow process). I’ve tasted a few white whiskies and most of the time they taste very rough and raw, but the Minnesota 13 is sweet and smooth. While I’m excited to see where it ends up after aging, this is no stopgap product, it’s a worth contender in it’s own right.
The space itself is more rough than the white whiskey as they work on updating the 1950s side of the space for distilling and have plans to turn a smaller 1910s section into a cocktail bar/sampling room. (Thank you lawmakers for making this possible!! Now let’s keep going!) This particular distillery is in especially good shape for makeing a cocktail bar work as one of the business partners happens to be Lee Egbert of Dashfire Bitters. I first tried his original orange bitters when they launched a little over a year ago and was hooked immediately. He’s now branched into a variety of cocktail accessories and I applaud him for giving us local, natural, and delicious options.(Also, I may have shaken his hand like a starstruck fangirl.)
For now, they are hosting monthly open houses with tours and samples of current and future products. I highly recommend getting over there to check it out!


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