Yes, I really am a music idiot.

About two years ago, I made the terrifying and horrible decision to call in as a contestant for trivia on The Current morning show. I love music, I see and listen to a lot of music, but I have a shit memory for music trivia and band/song/artist names. I don’t know why I thought calling in was a good idea.

By some miracle, I got matched against someone who knew less about music than I do. She didn’t get any of her five questions correct so I only needed one to win. While this gave me a moment of hope, I crashed and burned on the first two questions. You could hear the hosts and Sean McPherson getting frustrated, they were starting to think it would be a losing tie.

I don’t remember what question three was, but I got it right. The reaction from the hosts was a mixture of annoyance and relief. They took my information for the “semi-fabulous prize pack” and I went back to the rest of my life, relieved that I hadn’t made a total fool of myself.

The next week, as trivia time approached, they started joking about how you shouldn’t call unless you “know a little something about music.” There were “jokes” about not being an idiot. These new rules have been reiterated almost every week since. There are weeks when I simply don’t turn on the radio until at least 9am on Tuesdays, because I just didn’t need to hear the teasing. No, I don’t think it’s all personally directed at me – but it’s hard not to feel a little insulted.

Fast forward to this morning – one of the callers was a repeat winner and though I didn’t hear the whole exchange, I heard her gently scold Steve for calling people idiots. He seemed a little surprised at being called out and genuinely sorry. I did a little internal cheer for Rachel, and even more so when she won – apparently for the third time.

I understand why it makes for better and more interesting radio when they have a winning tie instead of losing. And I still like Jill and Steve and listen to their show at my desk every morning but after this morning I feel a bit vindicated. I also feel a renewed passion to keep up with my writing here. I really am a bit of an idiot when it comes to music, but I’m an idiot who wants to share both the concert experience and the learning experience with you.

I’ll close with another beautiful example of me being a bit of a dunce, from last week’s Public Music Meeting:



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