Notes on Creativity-Talk & Tasting @artsmia

Travail, May 2015.

I spent my morning hyperventilating about getting tickets to the “Notes on Creativity: Talk & Tasting” at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. It looks like my panic was unnecessary because there are still tickets available for the tasting($150 or $120 for members, and you can now be a member with any size donation) but the talk is sold out. (Free, but reservations required.) Even so, I wasn’t taking ANY chances. It’s not every day you get to hear Ferran Adrià, José Andrès, and Andrew Zimmern talk about food.

Maybe the tasting hasn’t sold out because of the price tag but honestly, you would likely pay as much or more for a tasting menu at any of the restaurants owned by the keynote speakers or the chefs involved in the tasting. Alinea in Chicago is currently booking their meals from $210-$275 per person. Travail in Robbinsdale has a range of $50-$95, depending on time and day. My Mom and I disagree on “is it worth it?” and while I see her arguments against these expensive tasting menus, I value the bold and unique experience I get from a chef-directed culinary adventure.

Travail, May 2015.
Part of our dessert was on the table
the whole time, chocolate cookie sticks!

Even if this isn’t your style of fine dining, it’s hard not to see the passion and artistry in the work. I can love my Mom’s homemade mac and cheese at the same time that I love liquid nitrogen mojito pop rocks from Travail, one doesn’t cancel out the other. Both are delicious, both take time and passion to get right, both are art in their own way.

DaVinci is a famous artist but the recent exhibit at Mia wasn’t of his paintings, but of his technical notebooks. I didn’t understand a word of the Italian, and only vaguely comprehended the science behind his theories. But I was still transfixed by the beauty of his mind and creativity. He pushed the limits of human knowledge and changed the scientific method forever. I find the same beauty in the work of Ferran Adrià. It is about passion, method, and creativity. And I am beyond excited to learn more about the man and work that has changed the culinary landscape for good.

Ferren Adrià – Notes on Creativity will be on display at Mia from September 17th to January 3rd.

The exhibition will also be featured at the Institute’s free Third Thursday event on September 17th with the theme “Art of Food.”

General Admission to Mia is always free, the museum is open Tuesday through Sunday.

Update: For first hand evidence of the impact Ferran Adrià has on the culinary world, just check out the most recent update on the new restaurant by Erick Harcey (Victory 44).


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