Brass bands @comodockside


 We finally made it over to Como Dockside, a few months after the new management took over. Now being run by the group who owns 331 Club and Amsterdam Bar & Hall, Como Dockside is featuring New Orleans style on the shores of Lake Como.

There are a lot of great restaurants in parks these days, a trend I love and hope is continued/expanded, but Como wins on cocktails at this point. Most of the drinks featured locally made spirits and were creative takes on the classics.

Having walked over from the Zoo, I needed to start with something refreshing and opted for “The Green Line,” a blend of Far North’s Alander rum, soda, simple, lime, and Thai Basil. I wasn’t sure how the spiced rum would play with herbal basil, but they made it work.

While I was enjoying my Green Line, I noticed a bartender muddling strawberries. I’m kind of a sucker for strawberries in cocktails so round two was the delightful “Crocus Hill Tonic,” Far North’s Gustaf Navy Strength gin, tonic, strawberries, black pepper, and simple. Strawberries and black pepper are beautiful together.

We didn’t eat much, just some mussels and fries, but we’ll be back for the food. They are currently working on a breakfast menu and since I live less than three miles away, this has the potential to become a new favorite spot.

The building and pavilion are also fabulous. Originally built in the early 1900s, it has retained it’s classic charm while still feeling relevant. The pavilion has a small stage and overlooks Lake Como. I could totally imagine early 1900s families strolling around the area, the ladies with parasols to protect their skin. I’m sorry we made it here so late in the season as the music, movie, and event schedule looked great. Next summer, you’ll find me at Como.

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