Hometown Tourist

We played hometown tourists today because we had some extra time in Downtown St. Paul and I had my new camera. We started with brunch at Saint Dinette and then found fresh ginger at the Farmer’s Market! Been trying to find that for ages.
With time to kill before our orchestra concert, we popped into the Minnesota Museum of Art, in the Pioneer-Endicott building. (The original home of the Pioneer Press.) They had an interesting exhibit – photos of lost pet posters. The weathering of the posters made for a very artistic effect, just not one made by the artist. Honestly, we ended up most fascinated by the corner of plans and information about the building itself. It was built with an open atrium and spiral staircase!
While much of the building has been modernized, we poked around and found a gorgeous stained glass ceiling, a closed off area with original light fixtures, and the afore-mentioned spiral staircase (now, sadly, mostly covered over). An open gate led us down to where we could glimpse up at the little bit of visible spiral, all the way to the skylight. We didn’t wander up the curved stairs at all, that’s an adventure for another day.
Then a quick drink at the St. Paul Grill, a wander through Rice Park (mostly for me to fiddle with more camera settings), and an amazing St. Paul Chamber Orchestra concert at the newly remodeled Ordway Concert Hall. We learned that Gershwin gives us both goosebumps. We wandered back to Saint Dinette for a post-concert drink and dessert, and because they were kind enough to keep our market finds in their “Farmer’s Market Valet.”
I’ve lived in St. Paul for over two years now, and there’s still so much to see.

More photos from the day.


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