Great evening at Theatre in the Round

On Sunday evening, we headed to the West Bank for dinner at Republic (a perennial favorite) and a play at Theatre in the Round. Before Jean Nouvel built his big blue Guthrie, Theatre in the Round had their blue brick building on the West Bank. Having walked from Republic to Nomad World Pub almost every Wednesday for two years, I’ve taken note of TitR but this was my first time inside.

The Farnsworth Invention, written by Aaron Sorkin, was an intense play about the invention of television and the broadcast signal as well as the legal battle that occurred after the fact. The play felt like a conversation between the two key characters and the layout of TitR worked well for them to address each other, the audience, and the dramatized scenes of their memories.

Theatre in the Round is also earning a spot on my list of things to do without spending a fortune – regular tickets are just $22 and season ticket packages can bring that down to $15 per play. We are considered a $135 package that gets you nine coupons to use as you will. That’s four plays for two people plus a bonus ticket. (Or add another coupon on for another $15.) Looking at the season, the hardest thing might be to pick just four plays we want to see!



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