Amazon Prime Now comes to MSP

We are one step closer to just being able to download things directly from the internet to our home. Amazon’s PrimeNow service launches today in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and some neighboring suburbs. Select items … oh … oh my. So I was opening the app to see what sorts of items would be available and I assumed it would be things like paper towel and toilet paper. You are now getting essentially a live blog of my excitement when the app loaded and the categories showed “Frozen Foods,” “Refrigerated Foods,” and more. Holy crap, it’s Amazon grocery service which is WAY MORE than I expected.

Seriously, Prime members can now have groceries delivered. Two-hour delivery is FREE, one-hour delivery is $7.99. Use the code GETITNOW at checkout for $20 off your first order of $50 or more.


Amazon confirms Prime Now one-hour delivery service for Twin Cities (


*Everything being my hatred of grocery shopping by inability to plan ahead and order from one of the next-day services.


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