Beautiful fall day @ComoZoo

One of the mini-humans I know asked to visit Como Zoo this weekend and it seemed like the perfect excuse to spend a day outside in the glorious fall weather. I used to be a bit wary of Como Zoo because it doesn’t have the finding of larger zoos and I was afraid the animals were suffering for it. While I’d still love to see bigger and better habitats, I have seen improvement over the years. And now that I live closer and can visit a bit more often, I am also seeing a HUGE value in having a free/donation based park. The zoo was packed with families yesterday and it was apparent that Como Zoo brings great value to the area.

I don’t really get the current obsession with sloths, but this guy was hanging out and doing his sloth thing (i.e. not much) in the Tropical Encounters room.
Other primates also enjoy sunny fall days.
I can only dream of being as relaxed as this Orangutan.

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