Weekend PreCap: October 23-25

It’s been a quiet week around here, I’ve spent an absurd amount of time cooking, baking, and having quiet nights in. Some weeks, that’s just more important than the hot new bar or great new play.

I don’t have a whole lot on my personal calendar this weekend, but I anticipate a lot of last minute “Hey, that sounds cool, let’s get on the train and go!” Here are a few things on my radar that should be on yours as well:

  • Darkness Day Eve | Friday 7pm | @StubAndHerbs | Probably the biggest event of this weekend is Darkness Day at Surly Brewing. If you want to drink some Darkness but don’t want to camp out (though I hear it’s a great party) or fight the crowds at the brewery, Stub and Herbs is the place to be. Don’t get me wrong, it will still be crowded – but it will have tables and chairs away from the cold fall rain that’s expected. They will tap the 2014 Darkness at 8pm and 2015 Darkness at 10pm, 15 other Surly beers will be available throughout the evening. If that weren’t enough, there will be over 15 other dark beers on tap as well.
  • Darkness Day | Saturday 11am-5:30pm | Surly Brewing BROOKLYN CENTER | The release of Surly Darkness has reached near cultish levels of devotion, with people camping out to be in line for one of the 1,500 wristbands that guarantees you a bottle (or six) of Surly Darkness. If you’re not the camping type (like me) or not willing to wait in line (like me), you can just show up after 11am to enjoy the party – entrance is free. They’ve got eight food vendors lined up to be on site and live music (usually of the heavy and loud variety) from 11am until 5:15. It’s always a fun and entertaining day – if you’re there after 3pm AND there are any bottles left, you can buy up to four before you head home. Keep an eye out for their cask beers, always some interesting options available!
  • MN Guitar Society Concert | Saturday 8-10pm | @HamlineU | Looking for something a bit quieter than Darkness Day? The Minnesota Guitar Society welcomes back soloist Martha Masters as part of their concert series at Hamline University. A friend who has been to these concerts in the past always raves about them, the skill level of soloists brought in to perform has been amazing. Ticket prices range from $10-25 and are available from the Minnesota Guitar Society.
  • Minneapolis Craft Market – Sunday – 12-6pm – @InsightBrewing – This outdoor craft market will feature local artisans selling everything from jewelry to clothing to metalwork and more. Get an early start on your holiday shopping, and enjoy a beer at the same time!

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