Taste Test: Bar Luchador

Before we headed down to Stub and Herb’s for Darkness Eve, we were warned that there was a hockey game that might make things a bit crowded (on an already busy night) and they suggested stopping by Bar Luchador for food on the way to the bar. Having just mentioned that we should check out the new taco joint, we took Stub and Herb’s advice. The advice wasn’t entirely selfless, the same team owns both bars. But since we like the team behind Stub and Herb’s, this was promising news.

Bar Luchador was also busy but we were able to get seats at the bar and order a couple of things – the chilaquilas nachos fill up a quarter sheet tray with mounds of thick corn chips, shredded chicken, and “crumbly cheese” (which I assume is their name for queso fresco). The quesadilla was stuffed full of pulled pork and caramelized onions, topped with a smoky/tangy red sauce with just the right level of heat. My date also got to try a fish taco that didn’t make it to its destination in time – he thought the fish was perfectly done and the batter stayed crisp even if it was a bit cooler than intended (hence why it got passed along to us and the paying customer got a fresh one).

LuchadorThe small (and busy!) bar was also producing some simple but fabulous drinks. It was a damp and rainy evening so I tried the cinnamon whiskey cider, hoping to warm up a bit before we wandered back to the dark beer event. Rather than using one of the many (and vaguely terrifying) cinnamon whiskies on the market, this appeared to be a housemade cinnamon syrup added to Cabin Still bourbon and then topped with a dry Loon Juice cider. This deceptively simple drink was surprisingly delicious. I think a homemade cinnamon syrup is going on my to-do list ASAP. We also got to try the Rum Horchata on the rocks which was good, but I don’t think Horchata is my thing.

We witnessed a few service mistakes but given how busy they were, I think they recovered from them very well. Even the over-worked bartender managed to check in with us and kept her cool as drink orders kept pouring in.

We’ll definitely be back to try some more of the taco and drink options – and to eat that quesadilla again. Great concept, simple but nice space, and a perfect fit for the area.


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