@ForeignLegionMN is Closing


I think the comments about Minneapolis vs. St. Paul are really telling. I was born and raised Minneapolis and never thought I’d live in, much less LOVE, St. Paul. But if you’ve been to Lowertown lately, you know St. Paul is doing something very right.

Minneapolis put a Sports Authority on Nicollet Mall and a Jack Links restaurant in what should be the theatre district, that kind of sums it all up for me. Shape up 612.



Rail Reading

I’ve been feeling uninspired lately but spring is coming so I expect that to change.

In the meantime, let’s document some more light rail happenings. For now, how about the books I see people reading.

Today, I am sneaking a peek of Still Life by Lousie Penny. Apparently there’s a quiet murmur, but I can’t see enough of the page to know if this is a good or bad murmur.