Shops at West End lands Punch Bowl Social bar and restaurant (Photos) – Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal

via Shops at West End lands Punch Bowl Social bar and restaurant (Photos) – Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal.

Apparently the old West End Toby Keith’s location is going to become a Punch Bowl Social.

On one hand I’m glad that something is going in the space and the bowling and games will likely draw a good crowd. On the other hand, this place looks a bit like a hipster version of Dave and Buster’s. Something about this irks me, but I also think it’s probably a great idea and fit for the shopping area.



Coming soon to Lowertown-Handsome Hog

Given that I recently tried a new salon based almost solely on it’s name of “Bourbon and Bows,” you have to believe I’m pretty excited about a new restaurant coming to St. Paul with the tagline “Bourbon & Smoke!” Handsome Hog may be a newcomer, but it’s backed by the successful team behind Brasserie Zentral, Foreign Legion, and Meritage. Lowertown St. Paul just keeps getting better – and being able to hop on a train to one of the best new dining neighborhoods in the city has become both dangerous and awesome!

Coming soon…

There are always a lot of news stories about local development, here are a few that caught my eye…

  • The riverfront near the recently closed Upper St. Anthony Lock may be getting a facelift. The Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board has approved  the concept design for “Water Works,” what appears to be a multi-use park at the base of the Stone Arch Bridge. The last twenty years of redevelopment has made the Mill District a top city destination and this project looks like something that will continue the trend.
  • Speaking of riverfront development, Saint Paul is also working to make their riverfront more pedestrian friendly with the “River Balcony,” a public promenade linking the Science Museum of Minnesota to Union Depot.
  • Como Dockside performed better than expect in its first year. This comes as no surprise as our first visit was fabulous and we’re anxious to get back for the food, cocktails, and events. We’ll definitely be there on October 25th for the Como Avenue Jug Band!
  • Kim Bartmann of Red Stag is reaching out to help save Bedlam Theatre. One of my favorite things about the local food & drink scene is the sense of community – I’m constantly hearing stories of people helping one another, even if they might be competitors. Hopefully this successful restaurateur can help cross boundaries and aid the Bedlam.
  • Minneapolis continues to work on sweeping the Block E disaster under the rug by now calling it “Mayo Clinic Square.” That’s not news, but developers are working on filling a 10,000sf restaurant space and ran into a hiccup when the original concept was for “The Old Town Pour House.” Not only is that name a mouthful, there’s also already a bar called “The Pourhouse” just a few blocks away. Thankfully the problem was settled amicably, but I do wonder how that name even got on the list. If you’re opening up a restaurant, do walk around the area or at least check Google maps before picking a name!

Calendar of Events

I have created a calendar.  Why?  Why not.  I’m highly caffeinated and geeking out.  Deal with it!

It won’t be an exhaustive list of events.  I’m one person.  We have sites like City Pages for that.  But I will post info for events and happenings which are of interest to me and people I like.  
Have something you think should be added?  Email or invite